Peer-Reviewed Publications

Graves, S. (2024). It drives me mad seeing people answer questions with so: Overt and covert attitudes toward so-prefacing answers. American Speech [Forthcoming].

Graves, S. (2024). New use of an old discourse marker: The rise of prefacing answers to questions with so. Journal of Pragmatics225, 69–86.

Gatti, A., & Graves, S. (2021). Are heritage speakers of Spanish significantly better at speaking than at writing? Results of an experiment on writing and speaking proficiencies—Actual and perceived. Foreign Language Annals, 53(4), 920–941.

Graves, S. (2020). Differences in sameness: A semantic account of ambiguity and argument structure of predicate same. Cognitive Semantics, 6(2), 170–187.

Graves, S., Burson, R.R., & Torres-Collazo, V.A. (2015). Dialectal variation and miscommunication in medical discourse: A case study. Linguistic Insights, 203, 111–134.

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