Fun Linguistics!


Parts of Speech | Prepositional phrase patterns in He’s just not that into you

Pragmatics | Deixis (point of reference) in The New Yorker:


Pragmatics | The Cooperative Principle in Seinfeld:

Pragmatics/Syntax | “We who?” English does not distinguish between inclusive/exclusive first-person plural pronouns in Don’t Think Twice


Syntax | Ambiguity in Wreck it Ralph:

Semantics | “Homonym Game” in 30 Rock:


Semantics | Gradable or complementary adjective? in Big Bang Theory:


Historical linguistics | “Modern English” quotatives:

Morphology | Linguist Llama


Morphology | “All the good words”; the psychological reality of the content/function distinction in Friends:


Morphology | The psychological reality of the content/function distinction in The Office:


Phonology | Voiceless labial glides in Family Guy (0:52):


Psycholinguistics | Language separate from thought in xkcd

Sociolinguistics | Singular ‘they’ in Motivated Grammar

Sociolinguistics | Dialect quiz (New York Times)

Sociolinguistics | Steve Harvey defends descriptive grammar and demonstrates code-switching (1:43):

Sociolinguistics | Language attitudes toward loanword pronunciation in Life in Pieces:

Writing systems | Spelling “a lot” in Hyperbole and a Half

Writing systems | Comma splices in The Oatmeal

Writing systems | Punctuation in The Big Bang Theory:


Writing systems | Punctuation in 30 Rock:


Writing Systems | “Feared” Punctuation:




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